Restoration Services

Breathe New Life Into Old, Broken Or Damaged Art & Frames!

  • Art Restoration

Lee Heckman can refer you to the area’s leading conservationists for all of your art restoration needs. Our network of consultants are devoted to the field of fine art conservation and in the preservation of fine art, objects and documents. Their list of services includes conservation treatment, lining, stretching, cleaning, archival mounting and repairs for:

  • Paintings on canvas, linen and paper— Oil, acrylic, watercolor, tempera, etc.
  • Prints, posters, etchings, engravings, lithographs, documents and other items on paper
  • Frames and various plaster, wood, resin, ceramic and sculptural works
  • Photo Restoration

Do you have an old, faded, torn or stained photo that you would love to ‘make new’? We can fix old or damaged prints by having them scanned, digitally restored and reprinted. Your old family photos can return to their former glory, printed in color or black & white, on canvas or fine art paper. The price of restoration is unique to the individual project. We’ll talk to you about your project, see exactly what we’ll be working on with you and then provide a quote of what the cost and time frame will be to complete your project. Breathe new life into old photos!

  • Frame & Glass Repair

Uh-Oh! Sometimes accidents happen…Glass shatters during a move, or a frame falls and loosens a corner. Not to worry! We can replace broken glass and repair minor damages to frames like loose corners, frayed hanging wire, and small scratches. Bring your broken frame in to Lee Heckman so we can survey the damage and estimate repairs.

photo restoration

We Can Help With:

  • Color Restoration
  • Background Removal
  • Fading
  • Color Shift
  • Lost Detail
  • Physical Damage
  • New Surroundings
  • Mold, Cracks, Damage
  • Recovery
  • Collage

What A Difference A Good Cleaning Makes!